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one of our latest logic problemsIf you are new to logic problem puzzles, you may initially find them a little daunting, but hopefully, with a little mental agility and perseverance, you will find yourself engrossed.

No specialist knowledge is required to answer these logic problems, logic puzzles and questions, although the occasional logic problem or logic puzzle may require a small amount of Math.
Do you want to jump straight to the newest puzzle Alien Celebration puzzle? Small Alien from logic problem puzzle Alien celebration
Or maybe you would prefer this other new problem Mad Rodent? Mad rodent puzzle of a creative nature
Or then again maybe you would prefer this other new problem Hopper Party? Hopper party logic puzzle image

These 3 new logic problem puzzles require you to complete the puzzle before you can check the answer, as you will need to enter the answer to a question before you have access to the full answer. For school use there is the option to print out a pdf of the logic problem puzzle to distribute and then students won't easily be able to access the answer without completing the logic problem first.

We think some of these logic problems can be quite quirky in nature and quite creative and you will find a little dark humour along the way, but usually there is a happy outcome at the end of the logic problem puzzle and hopefully you will have fun along the way trying to solve the puzzle.

There are some traditional puzzles too and so hopefully enough variation to satisfy everyone. If however you can think of any alternatives, let us know and we will see what we can do. Anything odd and a little strange is to our liking. We think children and adults learn best when they are entertained along the way and so some of these puzzles are likely to appeal to students starting out on the path of logic

Everyone appears to have their own favourite types of puzzles and many websites will tend to offer many varying types. We favour the grid logic problems and so these are mostly the type of problem we design. All our logic problems have an interactive grid and we will now try to add the option of the pdf puzzle to download too. Each logic grid puzzle has it's own individual page, as we tend to like this design and also giving the varying options for solving the puzzle all in one place.

Why not have a creative kids puzzle party and print out the pdf puzzles and pass around to the children to solve or why not have an adult puzzling party as a change at the next BBQ.

Happy puzzling and do feel free to contact us with your comments or any questions you may have!

For the beginner:

Looking for a Christmas Logic Problem? I found this one, which may be of interest to you.

Try one of our Online Interactive Grid Logic Problems! - Tell us what you think.

Most of the logic problem pages contain a grid that can be printed out to aid in the solving of these puzzles. If you prefer the table method of solving puzzles they are included with all the logic problems and can be completed online. An example of a logic problem solved using the grid method and table method can be reached via the example puzzle page.

Animal Fit Logic Puzzles - These are fully interactive logic puzzles and hopefully you'll find them fun.

Give them a try; you may find parts stimulated that haven't been activated in years.
Would you like a logic problem puzzle made especially for you, a friend, or a member of you family? Send us some details of what you would like included and we'll see what we can do.
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