Do you take pleasure in solving codes? If so, these cryptogram puzzles are for you.

Cryptograms are coded messages. They are made by substituting letters for other letters like so:


P T B I   B I   L   S C E Y E   F Y I I L X Y   O B P T
T H I S   I S   A   C O D E D   M E S S A G E   W I T H
I V N I P B P V P Y E   M Y P P Y D I
S U B S T I T U T E D   L E T T E R S
In the above code it can be seen that the 'I' is always substituted by a 'B', the 'T' is always substituted by a 'P' and so forth. It is usual for all letters to be substituted by another; meaning that no letter of the alphabet represents itself.

The object here, is to find the person and their quote. These puzzles may be completed online.

A useful starting tip: Single letters can generally only be 'A' or 'I'.

It is also wise to look at the frequency of letters, as some are more common than others, 'E' would be one example.

I hope this will be of help to all those beginning the fun pastime of solving cryptograms.

Good luck to you all!


Cryptograms are fun!

When you've completed all of the above Cryptograms and would like more, please let us know.

Send us an email with the subject: "More cryptograms please!" to: The Logic Zone and we'll be glad to oblige.