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Logic Problems for Kids!

We hope you enjoy these as they are meant to be a fun way of improving mental ability. Skills such as: reading, structure & organization are the first things required. e.g. carefully reading the whole problem first and absorbing what is required before formulating a method of progression: planning. From there deduction, reasoning and problem solving abilities are used to work out the answer. All these higher order thinking skills are important towards learning in all subjects. They are suitable for children from around 7 years old, possibly with a little guidance. If you are new to logic problems, after checking out the example, this may be the place to start.

They have been placed in categories of easy, medium & hard. All include a printable grid, an online interactive grid, fillable table and answers. There is also a further example of how to solve these types of puzzle using the grid method, in case you prefer this.

If you have any queries: email us.

Kids Logic Problems

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Beach Trip
Kids' Pets

Kids Logic Problems

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Kids Logic Problems

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The Logic Zone
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