Logic Problems

We hope you enjoy these logic problems - sometimes known as "logic puzzles with grids". Unsure where to begin? They are categorized into easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty and we also have a separate kids section. Need more help? Try the example page. If you have any puzzles of your own that you would like to submit - although submission cannot be guaranteed - or if you have an idea for a logic problem puzzle that you would like to see made into a logic problem, please email them to us.

A number of people have been looking for a Christmas Logic Problem. I found this one, which may be of interest to you.
Most of our logic problems now have an online interactive grid (example). All our logic problems with an interactive grid are shown below with an ][.

For a little added pressure try timing yourself. If enough people email us their times for solving the logic problems we'll make a table of the fastest times. Please be honest!