Privacy Policy

The Logic Zone website does not collect any data from or about any visitors. We do not use cookies or web beacons.

A cookie is a small text file stored on a computer by a web browser. It can be used to keep track of pages visited or preferences set. A Web Beacon is a more limited version, being usually a small transparent image served by a webpage, typically used for activity monitoring.

We do make use of third party statistics in order to monitor things like popular pages, etc. in order that we can provide you with the type of content, which you like. We have also began to permit third party advertisers to present adverts on some of our pages, in order that we may continue to keep and update the site. Please note that the Logic Zone allows these third parties to set and access their cookies on your computer or utilise Web Beacons. Their use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policies and not the Logic Zone's Privacy Policy.

There are dozens of different browsers out there and it would be impossible to give directions for them all however, privacy settings are generally accessed by following something like:

  1. From your browser, select the Tools menu.
  2. From the Tools menu, select (Internet) Options.
  3. In the dialogue box, select the Privacy tab.
  4. Select the level of privacy you wish to set.
  5. Click Apply then Ok.
There are also opt-out methods that can be employed - generally by setting yet another cookie. You can read more on Google's Privacy Policy page.