Logic Puzzles

We hope you enjoy these logic puzzles. They are categorized into levels of difficulty and we list logic problems and kids logic problems separately. If you have any logic puzzles of your own you would like to submit - although submission cannot be guaranteed - please email them to us.



Fitting Animals

These fun logic puzzles are interactive. They involve 5 x 5 grids and 6 x 6 grids.

The object is to place one of each animal in each horizontal and vertical row.

The coloured animals around the outside are to show the first and second positioning from the side they are positioned on; green being 1st and blue 2nd.

Click on any of the squares to change them.

Two spaces in each row and column are filled with water, some of these may be static and cannot be changed.

Hopefully the demonstration will help make things clearer.

Good luck to you all!


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